Percona Live 2023 On Demand Videos

Continuous and Automated Performance Benchmarking for Your Database — Planetscale, Florent Poinsard

In this session, we will cover the tool arewefastyet used by Vitess to automatically and continuously do performance benchmarking of the codebase. The speaker will introduce why this tool is a must in today's development cycle and how it has helped the maintainers of Vitess to avoid performance regressions. With automation being a fundamental value, the session will cover how arewefastyet was designed to require almost no human effort to analyze and run benchmarks daily. Arewefastyet benchmarks the codebase on macro and micro levels, using several benchmarks like TPC-C, TPC-H, and OLTP.

The speaker, Florent Poinsard, is the main author of the tool arewefastyet and is a maintainer of the Vitess project.