Percona Live 2023 On Demand Videos

Vitess at GitHub — Github, Arthur Schreiber

MySQL is one of the main datastores at GitHub, and is helping us to serve hundreds of millions of users and project.

In this talk, we will give a historical overview of MySQL & Vitess usage at GitHub and our decision to scale MySQL using Vitess.

We will provide an in-depth look at how we migrated some of our largest features (Actions & Checks, Issues & Pull Requests) from plain MySQL to Vitess.

This talk will consist of:
* Overview of MySQL and Vitess at GitHub
* Overall migration strategy, issues we encountered, tooling and processes we built for integrating Vitess into a mature Rails application.
* Results of the migration to Vitess (look into performance, availability, etc)

We’ll talk about our journey with Vitess and share more about the future of Vitess at GitHub.